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domingo, febrero 19, 2006

Contra los frameworks 

Una divertida entrada contra los frameworks. Dice la gente que es contra los frameworks en Java, que en Ruby molan mucho. Yo ni sé ni contesto, pero me interesa la comparación de framework con librería (o biblioteca) que da el mismo autor de la entrada pero en los comentarios:

The distinction between a library and a framework is subtle, but I think critical. A library is a collection of code that I don't have to write myself. It provides me with a set of objects and methods that I can use to build me application. If the library doesn't do quite what I want, I can make some small modifications or throw it away and use a different library.

A framework, on the other hand, always attempts to redefine the entire applilcation architecture. And, if the framework ends up not meeting my needs, I need to throw away my entire application, because everything I've written is defined in terms of the framework's methodology.

A library is something *contained* within my code.

A framework is a *container* for my application.

También es muy buena esta cita:

Any computing problem can be solved by adding another level of abstraction—except the problem of having too many layers of abstraction.


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